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1948: Founded in Chicago, Illinois.
Zakton LLC has been founded by Thomas Zakton, with the vision of heavy duty, high quality, and economical dental equipment with a simple screwdriver approach to supply maintenance if necessary.

1949: Dr. Clayton Gracey.
First dental unit of Zakton has been invented and installed at Dr. Gracey’s clinic in Michigan.

1961: University of Michigan:
More than 100 units have been installed at the Dental Faculty - University of Michigan.

1998: Moving to Colorado.

In 1998 moving the head office to the Denver Metro Area in the State of Colorado.

2006: Introduction of Star Collection (Z2, Z3 & Z4)

Hydraulic base and back units.

2010: Introduction of Z-ECO

The Z-ECO became the first orthodontics chair to be hydraulically powered.

2012: Introduction of Autoclave ZA11

  • Introduction of the autoclave ZA11 with 3 sizes: 12L. - 18L. - 22L. This device comes with a built-in printer, USB port and LCD screen.
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