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ZAKTON LLC warrants its products against defects in materials or workmanship from the date of shipment to the Buyer as follows:

Zakton’s Equipment: Warranty Period:
Chairs, Delivery Systems, Cuspidors 5 Years
Stools 1 Year
Upholstery,  Plastic Covers, Lights 1 Year

Zakton’s sole obligation under the warranty is to provide parts for repair, or at its option, to provide a replacement product (excluding all labor and shipping fees). “In any action, BUYER’S remedies are limited to the warranty described above. BUYER shall not be permitted to claim lost profits, reliance, special, incidental, or consequential damages in any proceedings.”

The warranty does not cover damage from improper installation or maintenance, accident or misuse. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from the use of cleaning disinfecting or sterilization chemicals and processes.

Failure to follow instructions provided in Zakton’s Operation and Installation Manuals (Owner’s Guides) may void the warranty.

In the event Warranty service must be performed to correct any defect, only an authorized Zakton’s dealer may perform any and all warranty repairs. Any repairs by unauthorized dealers, technicians, or repairmen may void the warranty. In the case of a defective warranty item, a copy of the replacement invoice, model and serial number of the product under which it was replaced, and a description of symptoms of the defect must be returned with the part within 30 days of the replacement invoice date to Zakton, 3460 S. Federal Blvd- #D Sheridan Colorado 80113, USA, in order to receive credit. Any and all expenses for freight, labor to perform warranty service, and purchase of spare parts are the responsibility of the buyer. Any fraudulent claims made may void the warranty. Any additional warranty that may be provided by an authorized Zakton’s dealer is the sole responsibility of said dealer.

Zakton reserves the right to make changes or improvements on any products without being required to modify existing equipment in a like manner.


Prior authorization must be obtained from ZAKTON for the return of any product. If a return for credit is authorized, a 15 % restocking fee will be charged on all items. All cabinets will be subject to a 40 % restocking fee. No return for credit requests will be accepted after 60 days from the shipment date of the original order. All items under warranty that need to be returned, must be received within 60 days from the return authorization date otherwise the return will not be accepted and the item will be charged. All returned items must include an official Zakton RTN label provided upon authorization otherwise the item will be rejected and returned to Sender. Any item returned for credit must be received undamaged. Return packaging is the responsibility of the customer. All packages must be returned to the manufacturer (ZAKTON) the same way it was received by the customer. Any items scratched and damaged due to poor packaging will be returned without credit or will be subject to a rework/ repaint fee. The customer is responsible for any freight costs involved with the return.


In the case of a defective Warranty item, the model and serial number of the defective item, contact information and the original PO or IVC number must be given to Zakton, in order to authorize and process the request. All defective items to be returned must be sent to ZAKTON LLC within 60 days of the warranty authorization otherwise the items will not be accepted and will be charged.
Any fraudulent claims may void the warranty. Any additional warranty provided by an authorized Zakton’s dealer is his sole responsibility.
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