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Z2-2017-FX Package includes:
Z2/Z3 Chair (Z2 and Z3 is the same chair)
Z2 Delivery System (Non-Hidden Umbilical)
Z300 LED Dental Light System
Z2 Premium cuspidor w/ 4-Position Holder Bar

· Z2 Dentist Element w/ 4 Auto Handpiece Holders
· Individual Water Coolant Controls
· Asepsis Handpiece Tubing
· Wet/Dry Foot Control
· Handpiece Flush/Purge System
· 3-Way Air/Water Syringe
· Master On/Off Switch
· Flex Arm w/ Air Brake
· Adjustable Swivel Tray
· Solids Collector
· H.V.E.
· Saliva Ejector
· Bottled Water System
· Bottled Or City Water Selector Switch
· Large Junction Box w/ Air & Water Master Valve/Filter /Regulator     Assemblies
· Dentist Element Mounted Touchpad (Specify Side)
· Utility Center w/ Quick Connect Water Auxiliary
· Z2 Premium Cuspidor w/ 4-Position Holder Bar
· 5′ Long Umbilical
· Water Bottle Quick Release

Available Options:
Shown w/ Optional Metal Tray, w/ Optional Chair Foot Control

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